“It’s not about whether you’re positive or negative, it’s about being respectful to your partner. And when you’re in a situation, and you’ve got condoms, that takes the guesswork out and leaves you free to explore that situation.”
"As a dancer, my body and my health is super important to me, and that’s why I believe condom usage is so important - because it protects me and it allows me the freedom to explore my limits.”
"When I have sex I make sure I use a condom, just so I can protect myself and set an example for my family and friends." - Junior
"In this day and age there’s a lot of sexually transmitted infections and condoms just eliminate that. It’s a privilege to have them." - Bernie
"It gives me the freedom and choice to have sex with whomever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want."
"I have the right to a healthy and fulfilling sex life ... being able to talk about gay sex and condoms makes it normal - as it should be."
"Leading by example means always wearing a condom."