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Why Does Anal Sex Feel Good?

For a first-timer, anal sex can seem daunting and even painful. But anyone who's seen gay porn knows that the bottom isn't doing it out of the goodness of his heart - here's why.

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URGE Black

Where: James Smith Basement, Wellington

When: July 11th 2015

URGE Bar and LYC return to the capital for one more big dance party adventure.

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Ask a Sexpert

Q. I'm a girl and I have sex quite a lot with my boyfriend - lately my vagina has been getting really sore during and after sex. It stays sore for up to a week sometimes.…


There can be many reasons for this happening, but excess friction is the most common reason. Vaginas are pretty good at self-lubricating, but it could be worth applying a lubricant like Durex Play liberally, to…

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