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When Sex Gets Boring

WARNING: R16, contains sexually explicit content. How sexually adventurous are you? Check out these 26 kinds of gay sex to try.

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Hui Takataapui 2014

Where: Te-Papa-O-Rotu Marae

When: November 6th 2014

Four days of fun, whakawhanaungatanga and kotahitanga with fabulous events scattered throughout to keep you informed and enthusiastic!

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Ask a Sexpert

Q. I have trouble staying hard when I top with a condom on. I'm also circumcised; and with a condom I can't feel a lot. Can you suggest some ways to increase the feeling / keep…


There are lots of ways to help with this; number one, have you got the right size? We have 49mm, 56mm (standard size) and 60mm condoms we can send out, so if you would like…

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