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LOVE - Worlds AIDS Day Fundraiser Party

We are back at Galatos and this time URGE is teaming up with Body Positive to bring you a special night of LOVE!

Ask a Sexpert about 12 days ago

I'm HIV negative. Recently I started talking to a really nice guy that disclosed to me that he was HIV positive. He is undetectable. I'm just worried about my health if I were to pursue a relationship

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I have a small lump on the shaft of my penis and I have had it for as long as I can remember. I am not sexually active, so I think it is not a STD or anything bad. Still, I would like to get it remove

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"Clean" is for the shower, not your HIV status

"Are you clean?" If you're into fucking with guys, no matter what you call yourself, chances are you're doing some cruising online or on your phone. And chances are you've had this conversation too. How do you deal with it?