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The Long and Curious History of Condoms

Alexander Lowë takes us through the development of condoms, from 3,500 year old goat bladders to the latest high tech condom prototypes.

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Hui Takataapui 2014

Where: Te-Papa-O-Rotu Marae

When: November 6th 2014

Four days of fun, whakawhanaungatanga and kotahitanga with fabulous events scattered throughout to keep you informed and enthusiastic!

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Ask a Sexpert

Q. I had my first BJ the other day with a guy and couldn't even cum. It was in a bathroom. Is it cause it like meant nothing to me? Is it normal for your first…


You not ejaculating could reflect a number of factors: the fact that there was no emotional connection, as you say,  or nervousness because it was your first time, or the context of the bathroom felt…

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